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The IFC Senior Investment Officer, of the World Bank, announced that the entity approved a green loan of US$ 80 million for Latin American SMEs with renewable energy or water efficiency projects. …

By Alejandro Caballero, Principal Education Specialist, IFC, and Alonso Gómez, Investment Officer, IFC

This article was originally published in Prensa Libre (Guatemala) in August 2021

Central America is embracing hope. In the region, many are already imagining a return to a time without restrictions. But we should not be blinded…

By Gary Seidman

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Mauritius-based medical device manufacturer Natec Medical saw an opportunity to supply the island nation with face masks while at the same time reduce its own dependence on imported personal protective equipment (PPE). Natec employs some 500 workers, half of whom use surgical…

By Gary Seidman

Nigerian manufacturer Wemy has a product line focused on hygiene and personal care products, including baby and adult diapers, menstrual pads, baby wipes, and underlay bed towel pads for hospitals. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Wemy secured a grant from Mastercard Foundation and sought to utilize its…

By Felipe Gazcón

Martin Spicer, IFC director for Latin America and the Caribbean, visited Mexico in July to reaffirm IFC´s commitment with the country in the context of the COVID-19 economic recovery. Spicer was interviewed by El Financiero, Mexico´s top business newspaper. This is an English translation of the interview.

Martin Spicer, Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean of the International Finance Corporation (IFC)

By Naoll Cyrille Mary*

This article was originally published in Forbes in July 2021.

Photo: Gerardo Pesantez / World Bank

The availability of water for human consumption is a challenge that not only threatens to keep a large part of the global population in poverty, but also constitutes a ticking time bomb that endangers the very…

By Kruskaia Sierra-Escalante

This article was originally published in CFI.CO on March, 2021.

Using Blended Concessional Finance to Invest in Challenging Markets

What can be done to encourage more private investment in developing countries, especially the poorest and most fragile? This question lies at the heart of the development challenge today.

Governments and development institutions alike recognise that the…

By Neil Gregory

Article originally published in La Vie économique (in French) and Die Volkswirtschaf (in German)

A banana crop in Jalgaon, India. The plants are sold to local farmers. Photo © Dominic Chavez/International Finance Corporation

Investors have always known that their investments have social and environmental impacts. But until recently, it was seen more as a side-effect than the goal of investing. For many years, socially concerned investors…

By Elena Sterlin

© LinkedIn Article by Elena Sterlin

Just over a year ago my professional life froze. On March 12 came the first notice: all mission travel suspended, effective immediately. A day later, we were ordered to work from home until further notice. …

By Christian Ksoll

Health care worker holding vial. © Photo: Shutterstock

According to the WHO, as many as half of all vaccines produced worldwide fail to make it into the arms of their intended recipients. …


IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, is the largest global development institution focused on the private sector in emerging markets.

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